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so… everyone’s white… no shocker there

 well, Cinna’s black, Rue’s black, Thresh’s black

those actors looks really good as the characters (especially Haymitch) so please don’t complain. and please don’t get mad.

so… You are telling me not to be mad that a racially ambiguous character is cast as white AS ALWAYS. The two main guys… White… Haymitch.. White… EXCUSE ME PEOPLE OF COLOR EXIST IN THE WORLD TOO.. PEOPLE OF COLOR EXIST… You need to sit down. You’re dismissed.

From very early on, Racebending.com sent several letters to Lionsgate asking them to consider casting actors of color for the roles of Katniss, Gale, and Haymitch.  Asking them to change their casting call wording to say “dark hair, olive skin” instead of “Caucasian.”  They wouldn’t even make that tiny concession for us.

Haymitch, Katniss, and Gale were described as having the “Seam” look in the book…Olive skin, dark hair, kind of melungeon-looking. This is stark contrast to the Merchant class in District 12, which has blonde hair, blue eyes, and has more privileges than the coal miners.  Once Jennifer Lawrence was cast for the role of Katniss, that concept was blown out of the water. 

So of course, Haymitch is blonde now.

Oh Hollywood.

*sigh* At least in the 1980-90s there were more people of different ethnicity that had a part in a movie. Hollywood, oh how much you have change (>_>)

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