Well I am Nigerian. WaterTribe, VideoGame, Anime, Comic, Manga, Disney lover. All in support in interracial dating. Love exploring other culture. Aim to be a voicetress I would not mind acting either \(^o^)/

Me when I’m watching Khiphop fancam on youtube. 
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Illionaire showing off their rolex!!!! SMH!!!
racquelwadetaylor sent: Dark skinned girls are so under appreciated. Look at the way the sun shines on your skin, look at the way the water glows on your skin, look at you dark beauty. Dark skinned girls need to learn to love themselves. Then when your done loving yourselves, take a look and love yourself even more


 as a performer I quickly learned that I was going to work twice, even three times as hard for recognition and roles as the little white girls.  In  white-dominated showbiz, WoC generally get stuck into one of three roles: the maid or hired help (the “mamie” caricature),  the punchline, where her body, hair, culture, and speech become the butt of the joke (much like a minstrel show— think miley cyrus’s hired “homegirls with the big butts” -__-)  or the hypersexualized, exoticized temptress or jezebel.  Since puberty, I’ve been typecast as the third role no matter how hard I work or how good I am.  here are a few things said to me by white casting directors, choreographers and coaches.
in a workshop with all white girls a white choreographer told me that my secret weapon was my hips.  he proceeded to point out other things about the other girl’s personalities, talents and stage presences, but confined my abilities to my hips.  I was crushed.
I’ve missed out on several lead roles because I was not passing for white or black, and had to be hidden in the background. god forbid there be a racially ambiguous person in a fictional story about freaking fairies. 
a white coach once told me before a competition to make my performance more “urban”, because that was what made me different.  I.e. exploiting my blackness.
when I was seventeen a white casting director for an ad campaign said to me in front of a whole casting panel that I didn’t fit the ad because I was “overly sexual,” “over developed”, and that I should try adult entertainment because there was a market for “people like me” there. she said they wanted someone more pure looking.  I was 17 and as innocent as they come. of course, the roles went to two thin white girls. 
At a college audition a group of white girls boldly looked at me and before ever seeing me act or sing told me that I would never play an ingénue (ingénue is the sweet, pure, virginal, naïve, damsel in distress girl, usually the object of the male protagonists affection).  of course they tried to cover it up with “but you’re lucky!” and went on to name roles I could play: a prostitute in Moulin rouge, mimi the stripper in rent, a harlot, a dancer at a night club, and how I was lucky because they “could never do that.”  It was beyond hurtful.  That same year my acting coach told me to bank on never being cast as an ingénue.  What about me makes me more sexual, more carnal and less pure than my white competition?
so i proudly present a picture of my “over developed”, “overly sexual” racially ambiguous self. there are so many obstacles for us PoC in entertainment, but please don’t give up guys, I have hope that we can make huge strides. Don’t change yourself and don’t let anyone put you in a box. See you at the top!  <3

I can only imagine the hurt she went through. Thank you for sharing, I believe in you! <3

See, it’s so easy for WoC to get a role or in media :sarcasm:
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