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Anonymous sent: you're a fucking idiot. there is nothing you can say to a girl that's the equivalent of saying a guy's dick is small. prove me wrong.




saying our labia are too big. 
saying our breasts are too large/small..
saying our butts are too big/small.
saying our vaginas are too “loose”.
saying we are too fat/skinny.
calling a girl ugly.
there is actually so much pressure on us to be the way men want us to be.
men have it way easier so you can shove a sharp object so far up your asshole it comes out your nose.
all of those are just as hurtful as someone saying your penis is small.
but we don’t say a thing. we just let you fucking say what you want (and still fake our orgasms so you feel good ‘bout yourself.)
put on our big girl panties and brush it off like it didn’t fucking bother us. 

can we do a thing. my female followers please reblog/like this if you were ever made fun of for something you couldn’t help.

I’ve been told:

  • my nose is too big
  • my nipples are too big
  • I’m too big
  • my breasts are too small
  • I’m too hairy

That anon can sit the fuck down. 

How about “you are just a girl”, “let a man do that” etc.

NEWSFLASH: having a small penis is viewed negatively because it’s effeminate and not masculine.

*so don’t even start that shit, anonymous fuck*


ladies and gentlemen, behold; the cause of heart failure
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what this nigga bleaching?? his thoughts
where his hairline begin at??

why he got that bleach on his fohead like that?where his edges at??

but ya’ll still ain’t answer my questions tho

i love how they got bleach all over his head as if his hairline dont start behind his ears
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Black Beauty; Barbie Form.
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One of the most stunning yoruba brides i have ever seen .. love this so much <3 <3