Well I am Nigerian. WaterTribe, VideoGame, Anime, Comic, Manga, Disney lover. All in support in interracial dating. Love exploring other culture. Aim to be a voicetress I would not mind acting either \(^o^)/

is this why i’m single 


ah you like Kingdom Hearts? i love that game. i love the way they just [clenches fist] heart those kingdoms


no one ever likes me as much as i like them 


Well, you asked.
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boozebabesandbullets sent: Hi. I have a question, people keep saying Zino dissed E-Sens in Epik High's Born Hater but I didn't take the line that way (but I also don't speak Korean so...). What's your take on it? Thanks in advance.


No… He said,

Times like this, I’m jealous of E-Sens, he has no enemies

I took that literally.. I think he’s saying that he’s jealous of E-sens because most khiphop fans are on E-sens’ side regarding the Gaeko/Amoeba vs E-sens issue. You would think that dissing a rap legend like Gaeko would bring the ultimate end for E-sens. However, the things he said in his diss track (telling him to push back his father’s memorial service, calling them out as business men, etc…), caused many people to turn against Gaeko/Amoeba and sympathize more with E-sens. Anyways, I think Beenzino said this because some of his haters are hating for a stupid reason: he’s attractive, so his success is not due to his skills but to his good looks. His next line says, 

I can’t believe they say my success comes from my looks

I believe that he his expressing his disbelief that there are haters that attribute his current success to his good looks. He’s ‘jealous’ of E-sens for having no enemies, while he has so many shitty ones.

That’s really sad. I have seen this a lot coming from the kpop side. A LOT of kpop fans tend to say “GD is the best rapper alive” yet Tiger JK cannot get the same fame because he is not an idol. It’s really sad that talents like that go to waste.

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