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@tabithalou: This what they not showing you on the media. These young men cleaning up after the riot. #Ferguson

This also is hugely important. There’s a fixation in stories. A general pessimism about the human race. But I think there’s plenty of evidence for our giving nature. That bad, bad horrible things happen and there’s ALWAYS people willing to stand up and make things better. Across generations and cultures and nations. No matter how bad things get, there’s never not somebody looking out for their kids, their neighbors, their community. And that kind of solidarity pushes us through.
Even if it’s something as simple and seemingly small as picking up the trash after a major confrontation. That too is important.

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people are literally risking their lives to bring you information about this and you wanna blacklist it bc its making you a little uncomfy during your leisurly blogging from inside your safe home………..ok

You realize that everything the police are doing in Ferguson is carefully calculated, right? They’re purposely turning peaceful protests into riots. They’re purposely committing violence to incite violence. From saying ‘We won’t be answering 911 calls,’ which is a very clever way to set themselves up to be able to say, ‘We were afraid for our safety - any call could really be an ambush, our lives were in danger’ right down to the camouflage and the military tanks and wearing more body armor than a soldier in a war zone. Its exactly why they’re going for a media blackout - yet allowing certain photos through - they WANT you to see their tanks. They want you to see their riot gear. They WANT you to see a war-zone. They’re trying to sell the world the idea that this community is inherently and constantly a source of violence and turmoil - they want you to think that they [the police] are being attacked daily in a place so vicious they need full body armor. You know why? Because then, at the end of the day, you might just be able to believe the story they’re going to spin. They’re going to tell you that this (white) officer goes to work in this war zone every day - that he spends every working moment in constant fear for his life. They’re going to tell you that Michael Brown attacked this officer. And then they’re going to bring up everything that has happened in the aftermath and try to use it to convince you that he shot that little boy because he was afraid for his life. They’re setting up a defense. You mark my words, they’re trying to set up a defense.

My mom’s take on what’s going on in Ferguson (via actualbanshee)


I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers to say fuck you to America



Ah. The Holy Trinity.

Burn in hell.


You were on the front page of Imgur haha
this is cool but omg some of the comments are kinda messed up like most are nice but like so many black jokes smh why are people calling me ghetto i live in the suburbs, my dads an engineer, i drive a rav 4, i eat greek yogurt and granola please
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how do you get away with tear gassing the state senator like i dont understand

2 Words: White Privilege.

afro-odisiac sent: white people will riot over a hockey game ....but protesting the death of black teen is a no