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Tracy Cozette: "The Loof"



Dear Tracy Cozette

You wanna know what’s wrong with getting shirts done that says “Loof”? Let me tell you something from my perspective, something you might not understand since you’re not actually Asian. Now I may not be Korean, but I am half Japanese. Of course if any Korean people need to correct me please do so.

At the end of the video you said that B.A.P. fans were babying Himchan. I’m not even really a huge fan of B.A.P. but let me tell you something as an Asian American with an immigrant Asian mother. This is not about babying Himchan, it’s about respecting non-Westerners in the same way you would respect a Westerner, or in your case another American. You need to understand that you as a Westerner are not put up to the same standards as non-Westereners are when it comes to speaking another language. You can mess up and hey maybe some people will make fun of your accent or whatever but you will still be more or less accepted in the end. It doesn’t work that way for Asian people.

Yes, you know the struggle of learning how to speak another language, but it’s different for you because whatever language you’re learning is not considered a “powerful language” nor was it actually mandatory for you to learn Korean. English is considered that, quite obviously by how a lot of countries have made English mandatory in schools despite it not entirely making sense to considering that their native language is not English, and therefore there’s way more pressure on being able to pronounce and speak it well than there would be for other languages.

It really does not matter if you speak the Korean language or that you got a degree in East Asian studies. Naming all these places you’ve been to in Korea and all these connections you have don’t support your argument at all either. At the end of the day, you’re not Korean nor are you Asian. You have no right to speak for Korean people or for Asian people on this subject at all, which you are doing by the way, because you do not understand the discrimination Western Asian people have to face, constantly have to prove to people that yes they CAN speak English or whatever the native language is in their country, and that Asian people speaking English as a second language must face, knowing that they are constantly being judged for the way they speak by Westerners, much more harshly so than let’s say a white European speaking English as a second language would.

Wearing those shirts was not only wrong but flat out insulting. You claim to have not been trying to make fun of Himchan’s English, but right around 3:43 you completely admit that yes, you do make fun of the fact that he cannot pronounce roof right. So what was all this shit you were saying about how you didn’t like it when people were making fun of him now?

You also stated that part of embracing the word “loof” has not only to do with encouraging Himchan but also that it also has to do with breaking down cultural and language barriers. Encouraging him to do what? Be embarrassed? How is making fun of someone’s English breaking down any barriers? What you are doing literally shows no signs of being more accepting and open of other people’s cultures and languages. If anything you’re making fun of the fact that he can’t completely adapt to YOUR language. When you do this, whether you are conscious of it or not, you are looking DOWN on that person for not being able to fit in to the standards of your country.

No, I’m not gonna personally email this to you because I need the kpop fandom and everyone in general to understand what is wrong with making fun of someone’s English. This is a serious issue that happens constantly not just in a kpop context, but for Asian and Western Asian people among other foreigners coming to Western countries everyday. People have a right to know about what you and unfortunately many others have been doing.

It does not matter how much you paid for the shirts or how much you love B.A.P. What you did was wrong and you need to recognize the mistakes that you’ve made and apologize, not just to Himchan, but to everyone , especially people who are not Western or visibly Western, that have struggled with English as a second language and have faced the discrimination that has come along with it, something you will never understand.

But it’s okay for Koreans to make fun of Christina an Italian lady for the way she speaks Korean…

And all of this over one word in a song. But nobody was that pressed over EXO’s Ulf, TXVQ’s Ten Ears, SHINee’s Sere Na De in Juliette, Mir’s Waffur, XIA Junsu’s OMG SUN!….etc.

The thing is I understand what you are trying to say because Asians are discriminated against for the way they speak English (but that’s America the land of the free and the home of the racism) but didn’t you also know that those of African descent are also discriminated against for the why they speak English? No? I guess it is because you are not black.

Those of African descent face a different yet similar set of rules with the English language. We are not expected to have proper sentence structure, pronunciation of words, a varied vocabulary etc. You ever watch an interview on TV featuring a black person and hear some comment (news media or otherwise) they are “well spoken”? Ever hear someone say a black person isn’t “black” enough because of their speech/behavioral patterns?

My point is that there is prejudice based on language across the board and maybe you like everything to be politically correct but I’m don’t going to take this issue seriously until the blatant colorism in the K-entertainment industry stops. Oh and the blackface…which probably doesn’t tons more damage than loofs being on fire.



I’m going to make this the last post about this because this is getting tiring and the name calling is actually starting to make me upset and usually I’m pretty good with that kind of thing. I’m just not gonna deal with people saying I’m “perpetuating the degradation of Asians” and “linguistic…



I’m still waiting for B.A.P to go all 90s r&b on us

this needs more notes because i KNOW we’re not the only one’s waiting for this

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