Well I am Nigerian. WaterTribe, VideoGame, Anime, Comic, Manga, Disney lover. All in support in interracial dating. Love exploring other culture. Aim to be a voicetress I would not mind acting either \(^o^)/

East Meets West: 10 International Celebrities That Are Crazy For K-Pop



Who knew? Koreaboo has compiled a list of international celebrities who have confessed to being K-Pop fans!

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Mnet Producers of Show Me the Money Season 3: Apologize for the racist filming and exclusion of contestant Toy



Sign this. The disregard for cultural acceptance is sickening, and needs to be addressed.


[REVIEW] Sexyhomme - Masturbation Mixtape #1


Today my bear cubs, let’s escape out of the messy chaotic place called diss to cool down a bit.

Nooo, I haven’t chosen this mixtape because of its title (although it’s quite representative of my opinion towards the current K-hiphop’s events) ^^ well, well, well, let’s go back to our…

49 plays | by 팩토리보이 (Factory Boi)

I have stretch marks.



Reblog if you do too. Just to prove that it is more normal than what people actually think.

I find new ones every day

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